Arn summarises the challenges of delegation in this model:

The y-axis shows the character of the organisation: controlled (hierarchical) or self-organised.

The x-axis shows the character of the employees: Executing (believing in authority) or organising.

The diagonal from bottom left to top right works perfectly: Executing MA in a controlled organisation. This is Charly Chaplin's "Modern Times". Creative employees in a self-organised organisation also work tip top. Called "agile network" here.

The other two quadrants are not optimal. Creative employees launch so-called submarines covertly if the organisation gives them too little room for manoeuvre. Called "shadow organisation" here. 

The opposite is at least as common: the organisation wants to give freedom and thus overburdens the employees who would rather carry out the work.

Delegation Poker fits seamlessly into this picture: (Simply 1-7 instead of 1-4. The 4 from Delegation Poker would be right in the crosshairs).

This might also interest you:


Arnold, Hermann (2016). We are the boss. How an invisible revolution is changing companies