Hop hop, forwards, faster!

Where to?

I don't know, faster!

Lots of power and little focus. This is the wear zone. A lot of energy is invested, but this does not lead to good results because there is a lack of focus. Working on topics requires energy. Achieving goals gives you energy. In the wear zone you need energy, but you can't refuel because there is no success.

The plan is our orientation.

We follow him, we carry him out.

Step by step.

Our values: Safety. Care. Security.

Uncertainties? Just everything. The plan must be clear. Only then do we execute it.

Lots of focus and little power. This is the comfort zone. Maximum safety prevails in the Comfort Zone. Steps are only implemented when everything is 100% clear and secure. Even such teams hardly reach their destination. But at least they consume less energy than in the wear zone. 

High performance is focus x power. High-performance teams give their all - and are highly focussed at the same time. This is the power zone. That takes a lot of energy! And - this is the crucial point - it gives back a lot of energy because goals are achieved very effectively in this mode. And achieving goals gives you energy.

Source: Own illustration, based on HSG / Organisational Energy.


What helps? This divides a large problem into four smaller problems. You can often intuitively feel which zone is dominant. A different approach helps depending on the zone:

  • Wear zone: The purpose or overriding goal is often clear here and usually very urgent! However, it lacks a hefty dose of structure and systematics. People or teams in the wear zone can withstand a lot of uncertainty. However, they perceive structuring and systematisation as a brake. And who lets themselves be slowed down when they're in a hurry? Time to sharpen the axe? Certainly not, I have to cut down trees! It is challenging to get out of this zone. Two elements help:
    1. Suffering pressure: Typically, such teams feel that their efficiency is poor.
    2. Low-threshold: Small-scale assistance that leads to rapid interim successes helps more than any persuasion.
  • Comfort zone: Perfection is the enemy of effectiveness. Such teams have plans instead of dreams. An overriding goal that provides power is usually missing. The question of vision is often answered with banal tasks: My vision? Yes, just be there and do my job well.


- Stefan Heer